Plenty of my patients are a worried lot!

They are Tested as Corona Positive & are being Quarantied at home under the supervision of learned specialists.

And these positive cases are concerned about fall in their Oxygen Levels @ a bit-4-6 ( 95 to 98 dropping to 92 )

I can understand their agony.

The first thing the worried, the overworked, the Caretaker ask is -Do we need to take the patient to the hospital?

My Firm answer is NO.

Because the reading has been taken just after food!

These patients are recovering well.

There is No Fever;

There is No Cough and Cold, despite Delhi Air showing high levels of Pollution.

I wish that the sky above all of us in Delhi was as clear as shown in the picture, which highlights good levels of Oxygen in the air, due to less pollution (when levels are around 50, our sky above does look this clear-maybe not in and around Delhi/NCR but at places which have lots of green trees, watered & washed well to remove dust particles sticking on the leaves).

Dust Can be Mightier than Corona!

Why Do Oxygen Levels Fall a bit after a meal?

Blood has Red Blood Cells, White Blood cells & Platelets circulating along with Plasma in our body.

The role of Red Blood cells is to Carry Oxygen to Every Cell of the Body.

We eat food to get nourishment.

Food is digested with the help of gastric juices & during the digestive process, our Metabolic Rate Goes up, as if some internal exercise is going on without our knowledge!

Oxygen is used up in cellular respiration and carbon dioxide is produced as a by-product.

Burn more Fuel to Digest the food & use up more Oxygen.

This is the reason that during every fever, a light Nourishment is Suggested along with other treatments like Medicines, Bed Rest & basic Hygiene, making it a Holistic Approach to The Treatment of fever of Any Origin.

Take Care of Levels of Oxygen During Corona Phase.

Sudden Drop in Levels of Oxygen Needs to be investigated more, preferably in a hospital under the supervision of Specialists.

A Slight Fall In Level of Oxygen after a Meal Can Be Ignored( 92 or a bit lower ), because within minutes, the levels will Revert Back to the Original Good Levels( 95-98...100 ).