In the past decade, people have become exceptionally conscious about their weight and thus dieticians have become an integral part of their lives. Dieticians not only help us reduce our weight but also lead us to a healthy body and life. However, choosing the right dietician is very important. Nowadays, information on all the diets to be followed is available on the internet. Hence, anyone can call himself or herself a dietician by reading up stuff on the net. Online dieticians are rising exponentially and their authenticity cannot be totally trusted. It is in our hands to not entrust all the dieticians and to be safe from Quakers.

Obesity or overweight is the cause of many health issues.  Every body type requires a different kind of diet and weight reduction program.  Analyzing the medical reports of the person and then suggesting a diet plan that provides all the required supplements for the person is very essential.Fake dieticians have a set of present diet plans that they subscribe to all their clients irrespective of the medical background or work out regime.A well-qualified dietician examines the medical reports of their clients and if there are any nutritional deficiencies or diseases, the diet chart will include food that will be helpful for them too. The calorie intake should be directly proportional to the number of calories we burn every day.  Starving is not the right way to reduce weight. 

A properly qualified and practicing dietician would never allow their clients to starve or to follow a crash diet. Dieticians are made over the counter by running them through crash courses like drugs prescribed over the counter, both can be risky as they are not based on scientific knowledge and evidence.The world today has become fast and people have no patience at all for anything. They want everything to be done on a fast-track basis including a natural process like weight loss. Fake and immature dieticians take advantage of this and try to lure them into their ideas of quick weight loss. These weight loss plans may work immediately but they have long-term effects on our body.

Hence, for a healthy and flawless body, one should always remember the three Ps- Patience, Perseverance, and Persistence