Best foods to eat during menstruation: We say that many women face pain and menstruation cramps during their period. What foods you do or do not eat during your period largely affect your health. Consuming certain foods and avoiding certain will play a huge role in easing your pain and cramps. A good diet plan for menstruation should include the following foods:

  1. Complex carbohydrates: We suggest that including complex carbohydrates in your diet will make a good diet plan. Fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread is what you should make a part of your diet meal plan.
  2. Dark chocolate: We suggest that dark chocolate will help you to soothe craving and boost your mood. Include a small piece of dark chocolate in your diet meal plan for menstruation. 
  3. Get enough iron: We suggest that menstruating women can lack iron since it gets lost with the blood. Hence adding food that is rich in iron will make for a good diet plan. Foods that are rich in iron include- spinach, beetroot, pomegranate, beans, peas etc.
  4. Lean protein: Loading up on lean protein will help your blood sugar level to remain stable and hence sugar cravings can be curbed.
  5. Fibre: We suggest that making fibre a part of your diet meal plan during menstruation will also help you to curb cravings. Fibre also helps to keep blood sugar levels in check.

What to avoid:  We suggest that you should also avoid certain foods. These include:

  1. Too much salt: Eating foods that contain too much salt can lead to bloating and water retention. Hence those should be avoided.
  2. Fatty foods:  We suggest that you should avoid fatty foods. Eating fatty foods during menstruation will only worsen your condition. So, avoid French fries, potato chips, sweet treats etc.