Harad is known to protect against age-realted diseases. This is because it helps fight oxidative stress.  it was observed that harad boosts the concentration of many well known antioxidants, like gluthione, vitamin C, gallic acid, and ellagic acid. The fruit of the harad is an effective antioxidant. It is an excellent free radical scavenger. Studies also show that, it can be used to protect humans from radiation induced damage. The fruit is also used to prevent aging, and building immunity and body resistance against diseases.

Harad benefits the whole digestive tract. It is said to increase appetite, and improve digestion and absorption. It provides effective cure for piles, gastro-intestinal infections and diarrhoea. It can also be used for colic and wind, worms, constipation, IBS and vomitting. The unripe fruit is considered to be more of a laxative than the ripe one. harad is also useful for infections of the gut and for parasites including amoebas. It is also said to be effective for use in inflammation of the mucous membrane and ulcers.

Useful in different diseasesAmoebic dysentery (Loose motions):

Fry 4-5 harad with pure ghee. Amoebic dysentery is prevented by taking it with sugar candy twice a day.


Take 2-4 grams powder of harad with jaggery twice a day regularly, it eliminates constipation and cures piles.

Spleen enlargement:

Taking about 2-4 grams powder of harad with sugar is useful to reduce the enlargement of the spleen.

Skin diseases:

Make the fine powder by grinding small harad and mix coconut oil or goat milk in it. Eczema is cured by applying it on the affected part.


Make the powder by grinding harad and store it. Pyorrhea is cured by rubbing this powder on the teeth and gums.

Inflammation of the pharynx:

Mix 3-6 grams powder of harad with sugar candy and take it with milk, it provides relief in inflammation of the pharynx.

Pittaj vikaar:

If the patient feels burning sensation in the body and he wants to pour water on the hand and feet and live in the cold atmosphere. It should be considered that the patient has been suffering from the disease caused by pitta. In this condition, you should give 3-6 grams powder of harad with sugar candy’s milk (the milk that is mixed with sugar candy) to him to remove above symptoms.