Also known as the low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS)

This therapy uses electromagnetic fields in an attempt to heal non Union fractures and depression. Benefits of the therapy are:

1) Improves blood circulation

2) Improves digestion 

3) Improves Eye health 

4) Neuroplasticity 

5) Bone repairs 

6) Prostate health 

7) Boosts immunity 

8) Pain relief

9) Muscular repair

10) Anti-allergen

11) Ear health

12) Organ health


1) Musculoskeletal disorder- 

i) non union fracture    

ii) soft tissue injury       

iii) osteoarthritis of knee       

iv) shoulder pain (frozen shoulder)    

v) lumbar and cervical Spondylosis (low back pain and neck pain)

2) Diabetic foot - 

i) Foot ulcers 

ii) Painful neuropathy

3) Neurological disease -  

 i) Depression 

 ii) Stroke rehabilitation  

iii) Cerebral palsy 

iv) Migraine 

v) Parkinson's disease


1) Metallic implant

2) pregnant women

3) Infants

4) Recent surgery