You know the importance of remaining hydrated during the hot summer months, but your water consumption may decrease during the winter. 

Maintaining hydration is the key to a healthy life. Drinking water, whether hot, cold, or at room temperature, keeps you hydrated. 

But are there any health advantages of drinking warm water? Does the temperature of the water you drink make a difference? 

Since there is only limited scientific research in this area, most health advantages of warm water are based on anecdotal reports. 

Here are 6 benefits of drinking warm water during winters:

1) May Help in Digestion:  According to research, warm water consumption improves your body's metabolic rate, thus aiding indigestion. Warm water breaks down faster as compared to cold water. 

It reduces the risk of constipation and other associated complaints such as piles (swollen veins that develop inside and around your back passage), fissures (a small tear in the skin lining of your anus), etc., which are aggravated in winter due to low water intake.

2) Improves Blood Circulation: During winters, your blood pressure is higher than in the summer. Since cold weather causes your blood vessels to constrict, your blood pressure rises.

Warm water allows your blood vessels to widen, thereby improving circulation. However, there is little research to show whether this is really effective or not.

3) May Help to Reduce Body Pains: Many people complain about body aches and pains during winter. When the weather changes, your injuries or joints tend to ache a little more. 

Warm water helps in alleviating muscle cramps, headaches, and menstrual cramps as it helps in providing a calming warmth to your body muscles, relaxing them and easing spasms and cramps.

4) Helps in Weight Loss: In winters, your metabolism decreases, which leads to excess weight gain. 

Research supports the idea that drinking hot water boosts your metabolism, and helps in breaking down fats which help in promoting weight loss in a healthy way.

5) May Relieve Nasal And Throat Congestion: A hot drink, such as tea, provides rapid and long-lasting relief from a runny nose, cough, sore throat, and tiredness. 

Drinking warm water may aid in the movement of mucous/phlegm and promote more productive coughing and nose-blowing. 

Warm water reduces the intensity of obstinate winter coughs, colds and other infections as it possesses the potential of fighting against bacteria. 

6) May Reduce Shivering: Consuming warm water can help prevent shivering during winters. It can aid in maintaining your body temperature.

The bottom line is, keep yourself hydrated and drink enough water daily. Now that you know about the numerous benefits of warm water, if you enjoy it,  drink up!

Have a happy and healthy winter!

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