"we explain,scold even beat him yet almost every night she urinates in bed."

"so many times we clean everything and shamelessly she does it again."

"such immature behavior,now her brothers and cousins make fun of her."

"cannot take her to relatives,friends house always we are afraid she might embarass us"

"when we have to go out to relatives we make her wear diaper at night"

"such a grown up girl,everything she understands but this."

bed wetting is INVOLUNTARY..

it is not an act of laziness,naughtiness,negligence or purposeful troubling

scolding, beating,shaming,teasing, criticising can lead to decresed self esteem and guilt hinder healthy mental growth

it remits by itself as the child/adolescent grows but the psychological trauma and the nuisance to the family members can be avoided.

TREATMENT of bedwetting is in behavioral techniques,therapy and medications..