So the question arises that how come these models and actresses look so young and fit? The answer for this is actually very simple "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT."

  • The nature and God has gifted us soft and clear skin, silky hair. By the time we grow older due to poor eating habit, pollution, hectic work schedule, stress play havoc with our shape and shine. Those who are in shape look wonderful as well. As said earlier you are what you eat. If you eat healthy you will look healthy and beside that you will also look younger than your age. Both the things go hand in hand.
  • By making bad meal choices and moving yourself towards laziness you give an open invitation to the diseases like obesity, dullness, diabetes, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, etc which settle down in your body. your body starts reacting when you have excess of anything.
  • Hormones also have a very important role in beauty and slimming. Hormonal changes leads to weight gain, PCOD, facial hair growth, etc. With increase in age it is more difficult to lose weight.


  1. Adding fresh fruits and veggies in diet will not only improve vision but it will also help us in maintaining healthy weight.
  2. Intake of sweets, aerated drinks, fried foods, alcohol leads to pimples, weight gain, yellow teeth, dull hair, etc.
  3. Inclusion of dry fruits in the diet and addition of flax seeds  will provide you essential fatty acids which will not only keep your heart healthy but will also give you healthy and glowing skin.
  4. Inclusion of citrus fruits like sweet lime, oranges, lemon,etc and anti-ageing veggies like broccoli, tomatoes and other green veggies will keep you fill and will provide you with enough of fiber which will also give you flawless skin. citrus fruits will provide you with enough of Vitamin-C which will protect your skin from sunlight and provide you with enough of antioxidants.
  5. High quality protein in the diet keeps away from hair problems moreover protein gives us a feeling of satiety which keeps us full for longer hours.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated as it will protect your skin from acne problem and it will also help in removing toxins from body in the form of sweat or urine.
  7. Include dairy products for calcium needs. over the period this will help in maintaining good bone health.

Consult a experienced dietitian who can guide you correctly. Enjoy journey to health!