How to beat the heat!!

As the mercury levels rising everyday withthe help of yoga and naturopathy treatments lets see how we can beat the heat!!

How to make our self-feel cool during summer??

Cooling pranayama:

   Sheetali and sheetkare pranayama are wonderful cooling pranayama which not only reduces the body heat ,it calms down the mind and also helps theperson who are suffering from insomnia.

Mudpacks and mud bath:

   As mother earth has the power to retain moisture for longer duration andit is highly rich in antioxidant nature according to latest research conducted.when mud comes in contact with our body mother earth with her power of waterretention gives cooling effect and reduces body temperature .

Mud vessels:

          Our ancient mud vessels and mud pot water drinking are highly recommended then compared to refrigerator water also .plus mud pot water are natural mineral water as they contain minerals which are present in our mother earth .


 Hydrate yourself with nature’s seasonally fruits of summer which by nature are high rich in water content and electrolytes .


Aloe vera

Musk melon

Water melon


Ash gourd

Badam pisum

Sabja seeds


Tender coconut water



Chuck in with detox water:

   With a jar of water with sliced cucumber, mint and lime and consume thewater when you feel dehydrated  .