Every individual is distinct by his character, way of behaving, emotional connect and cognitive or intellectual functioning. They are defined by their nature or character through personality. Each ideology on personality is based on a different school of thought. Usually, people think famous personalities are getting their label based on interaction or behavior with another person or style.With the deep thought, the individual personality is created by their self and then expressed to others in the form they wanted it to be. This may sound quite cynical but the reality knows oneself and emancipate through words and actions.

When talking about personality the point that strikes our mind is where does it come from and how does it work? It’s a simple understanding of our needs and wants; experience and learning; values and belief system. These factors are psychological and expressed through physiological aspects. To build our personality, it is quintessential to feed our mind with good thoughts, recognize our internal needs, manage our emotions, feel for others and socialize with people.

Most of the time, people failed to recognize the internal need and trying to succeed or meet the demands of the external necessities. Moving towards materialistic wants and craving for other’s acceptance and recognition they do things to impress them, talk for nothing and show off for no reason. They change their colors depending on the society they move in, pretend as though they are true for them, compete internally and play a dirty game. In the process of pleasing others and promoting the so-called real self, they lose their identity, realization of self and building reputation.They wonder how people have changed and nothing feels good neither for self or others. Always the blame game is on the other side. When realizing the change in other’s behavior, a small thought oneself behavior would do wonders in constructing one’s identity.

The biography books of most famous personalities have some similar features that connote their instinct with the external world or society. They hardly have differentiated personal and professional life. For them, it's only one life to live and contribute. When trying to connect the dots between each personality, the secret formula is just a disciplined lifestyle irrespective of people watching it or not.They followed the uniform schedule, available for people and true for their wants and needs. Have noticed a few other common attributes that coincide with them are honesty, trust, loyalty,genuinity, and integrity. Though, these qualities are intangible, unmeasurable and invisible but felt by the people around them and connected through emotional bonding at any point of time.

Personality Mask - Choose Yours!

Personality is a mask that is projected to self and others. When conflict arises between both these personalities i.e. self and other tsunami is created in the mind and wavering thoughts leads to turbulence. When these two things are on the same page an individual identity is created.Personality has the power to create and destroy. It’s an art. Be the creator of your personality.