On seeing my client's condition, I would like to share about Postural KYPHOSIS, which is frequently seen in software proffesionals & long sitting business holders.

Kyphosis refers to an increased curve in your spine that generally causes a rounded or hunched back.

The spine is divided into three major curves: a forward curve near your neck (cervical lordosis), a backward curve in your middle back (thoracic kyphosis), and a forward curve in your low back (lumbar lordosis).

When your spine develops too much backward curve in your middle back, it is called a kyphosis posture, or structural kyphosis. This posture positions the head too far forward, and often places increased stress on your muscles, ligaments, and joints, potentially leading to pain or discomfort.

A kyphosis posture is often associated with a slouched position. It can also be associated with a weakening of the bones (osteoporosis). 

A kyphosis posture can cause back or neck pain, and lead to limited activity due to back discomfort. Severe kyphosis can also make it hard to breathe because the lungs have less room to expand. Because of the forward head position that happens with kyphosis, looking up may also be difficult. 

Physical therapy can help you strengthen your abdomen and spine, and teach you stretching exercises for muscles that may be tight and limiting your movement.