It is very happy when someone called us baby at the age of 40.  But it’s happening…?  No.     because, now a days due to the environmental changes,  life style is changing.  So, at the age of 20 itself some people appearing 30 years old because of no proper maintain of our health.

 How to overcome this….·    

  •   Say no to the pizza and burger 

                       Avoid the fat food &bakery items. Have fruit or vegetable salad, fresh juice, soup in snacks time.·     

  •  Have a tension free life.           

             Enjoy ure work. If lot ofworks also take it in simple way & do it in smart way. Don’t rush you’re work. 

  •  Don’t live in past        

           Always live in present. Past is past. Because whatever problem you faced in past &will face in future,it doesn’t matter. Because time is not stable. Everything will change. Livehappily &enjoy ure life.·   

  •    Welcome the moon & stars        

           Yeah! I’m telling about sleep only. Avoid day time sleep. It’s not good for health & also produces fat. Have 8 hours deep sleep at night.·    

  •   Exercise daily        

           Time & age is doesn’t matter. Do some simple exercise at least 45 min per day and then randomly increase. But, nowadays people hate the word exercise. Instead of this play shuttle, go to swim, dance, do kayakalpa etc·     

  •  Drink plenty of water    

                     Water is good for skin.  It keeps moisturizer & nourish you’re skin from inside to outside.

  •    Love the nature    

                     Nature is your mother. Whatever beauty are you, but there is no smile, it looks ugly face only. A fake smile will not show beauty face. The original smile brings only by nature, if u love her. Do meditation & breathe fresh air.                 

                            While following this,definitely you will be very fit and also you look in good complexion. Stay Healthy, Be Happy & Smile Everyday….