Eating bread, biscuits, buns, nan  is almost a routine for most of us. But we are not aware that a killer substance in all these food items is killing us slowly. The substance is trans-fat. It is a fat substance turned poisonous by reheating used oil or by hydrogenation. Vansapati ghee is an hydrogenated fat and hence a 100% trans fat. More than 90 % of bakeries use Vansapati ghee for making bread. So we consume the trans fats daily. 

Trans fats create a calcaneous substance on the inner lining of blood vessels, especially in the vessels suppplying to heart. These blood vessels then provide less blood supply to heart thus precipitating heart disease. It takes few years to produce the bad effect. But once done it becomes irreversible. You need to undergo angioplasty or bypass surgery.  

Our body can tolerate some amount of trans fats. But there is limit. In western countries, it is binding to write amount of trans fats on every packaged food. 

In India we have no laws about trans fats. Hence consumers have to guard themselves against the risk.