Remedial Exercises  

Backache is a complex problem. It has multifactorial aetiology. There are many exercises that are used as an adjunct to its treatment. Here, some of the exercises useful in the management of backache are described. It is not a complete List. Many more can be added to it. As a matter of fact white charting out the exercise programme for an individual suffering from backache; one should take into account the exact cause of backache, age, the built of the body and even the mental attitude of the patient. The exercises should be done slowly and increased gradually.   During exercise, sudden jerks should be avoided. Most of the cases of backache fortunately settle down with   simple remedial exercises.

 Some of the cases do not respond satisfactorily. It is these -who pose a baffling problem.  Many methods have been tried in the past & new ones are being discovered with the hope that this oldest problem of mankind –the aching back, the most common & yet intractable, is solved.

The actual treatment of backache lies in the therapeutic exercises only

They act by:

  • Improving the muscle tone.
  • Improving the muscle power.
  • Regaining the mobility of the joints and elasticity of the ligaments. (Ligaments are the natural hinges like those of doors which control the direction of the movement of a joint). The usual remedial spinal exercises are: