What should be your car seat like?

One of the common causes of backache in high executive is an improper motor-seat and the faulty office-chair. The car seat should not be too far away from the foot controls (foot break, clutch and accelerator) rather it should be at minimum comfortable distance so that the knees are at a higher level than the hips. In this situation there will be a total contact between the back and the seat. The head should be held straight so that the things in front are clearly visible. Sometimes, a small cushion pad may have to be used in the low back area to give support to the back. This is particularly useful when one has to drive for hours together at a stretch.

How to read in bed?

It is not advisable to read in bed even in sitting position. But, sometimes the temptation   is great & difficult to resist. In such a situation it is recommended to keep a pillow to support the lower back.