How to lie in bed?

The beds have been basically designed for relaxation.  An individual should lie in bed in a position of maximum comfort. No rigid rules can be framed about the posture or mode of lying in bed.  Some people like to lie flat in bed on their back, while others like to sleep on their belly. All the poses are correct as long as the individual can get a sound sleep & relax.

After the days hard work, back begins to ache.  It has been observed that, if in lying down position, a small pillow is kept under the knees; it relaxes the muscles and gives comfort to the back. Similarly lying on one side with the upper hip and the knee bent (flexed) and a soft pillow kept under the thigh, a soothing effect is produced. Constantly, a position of extreme flexion (crouching) is not recommended during sleep. It is suggestive of perhaps a fear complex in the individual.