The spine is divided into 33 Bony vertebra with each vertebra separated by Soft discs which act as shock absorbed. Behind the vertebrae is the spinal canal in which lies the spinal cord and nerve roots which travel from back to arms and legs.Disc degeneration or damage results in herniation into the spinal canal which is commonly called slip disc. when herniated disc fragment compresses nerve it results in sharp shooting radiating pain in buttocks thigh ad legs commonly known as Scatica. This pain may be associated with numbness, tingling or weakness in legs. Sciatic pain increases with sitting, Standing and walking and relieves with rest.The most common cause of slip disc and sciatica is lack of physical activity and wrong posture.90% of patients do better with nonoperative measures like rest, medicines and physiotherapy.5% of patients who dont feel better with this may require selective nerve root block or Epidural block.only 5 % of patients who do not respond to these measures need surgery like Microdiscectomy, tubular discectomy or endoscopic discectomy.Depending on size and location of disc, prescence of instability or spondylolisthesis, Some patients may need complete laminectomy and addition of fusion like TLIF( Transforaminal Lumbar interbody fusion) or PLF ( Posterolateral fusion).