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Why Sun Cancer Centre for Oncology?·

No medical errors, thereby saving lives and costs· Delivery of treatment with high level of accuracy with less pain and quicker recovery.· One of the best set of clinicians and surgeons at Sun Cancer Centre who are trained in the AIIMS, SNMC and the USA especially when it comes to fellowships in oncology.·Dr. Hemant Goyal

& Dr.Ruchika Goyal are surgeons with skills that are at par with that of western counterparts since they have robust training as well as experience of handling huge volumes of surgical cases.· The low cost of cancer treatments in Sun Cancer Centre at Agra than elsewhere in UP/India.· The Sun Cancer Centre is able to offer world-class cancer care at par with the other oncology clinics.· Patient experience and post procedure follow up at Sun Cancer Centre is an essential part of cancer treatment. An end to-end follow up regime that extends well into the post procedure period is a key attribute of SCC.· The Sun Cancer Centre has build a Online space on its website that is utilised for building awareness and brand image and presents patients with its technological backup, an advantage over others in this area.