Starting with 2 stories 

Swathi and Nagesh got married because their horoscope were matching with 32 Gunaank ( Points ). 

They both were computer engineer. After 3 years of healthy marriage life they planned for a baby and luckily Swathi became pregnant. But unfortunately when she underwent for Ante Natal Tests ( Test to be done immediately after positive pregnancy test ) , her HIV test came positive. As per protocol her husband was also tested and he also turned HIV positive. 

Now question is who was infected first ?? No one can answer it but we know who was first to get infected.... 

Another story:

Suresh was an HIV positive patient & was in last stage of disease. Doctor already lost the hope , because he was suffering from HIV and associated Lymphoma. Now as per the social taboo , if someone die unmarried he will become devil. So his parent searched for an illiterate girl belongs to poor family.  The Girl, Priya's ,  parents thought that priya may not get such a wealthy family so they married Priya with Suresh. After 7 month of active marriage life her husband expired and in laws of priya told to priya that due to her bad luck they lost their son and they throw out priya from their house. After going back to home , she asked her father about Suresh's positive status, and she came to know it from treating doctor. Her father brought her to Lab and tested her for HIV , which  unfortunately turned positive. Now priya is widowed at the age of 21 and no one will marry her due to her positive status. Her parents also consider her as a whole life liability. 

Pre Marital testing is now much needed law for woman empowerment. Most of the time innocent girls became victim knowingly or unknowingly. We can save them with such initiative. 

India is a fastest developing country & having highest number of young population . We are facing terrific competition within and outside country due to large population and demand. World is looking with a great expectations towards India for honest work force and skilled workers. Dynamics of marriages are changes gradually and currently people are more focusing on their Financial stability and due to that,

  • Average “At Marriage” age has been increased for both genders (Male & Female) and even after marriage youth delaying pregnancy due to other priorities. This leads to Late Pregnancy which has its own complications example: down's syndrome, infertility, early menopause etc..   
  • Youth has indulge in substance abuse like, smoking, alcohol, intravenous drugs  etc due to stress and other factors which is affecting their fertility and sexual behavior  
  • Migratory population in metros and mega cities are also indulges in unprotected sexual practices for pleasure and to relieve work stress & some youth have adopted as a source of income. Such practices make person high risk for sexually transmitted infections.( ex. HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis etc. )
  • Some hereditary diseases like Thalassemia and sickle cell anemia are also at concern especially for future off spring.
  • Some congenital anomalies are also required screening as they will create more hurdle in conceiving and add more stress in late pregnancy.
  • Obesity created by junk food , western lifestyle and lack of sleep is also directly and indirectly affecting Sexual Life and fertility.
  • To overcome all above health problems if youth will opt for pre marital screening tests than they can identify the problems early which may help them to review their decision and may help them to modify their life style. 

Who are eligible:

  • About to marry couples
  • Young person having family history of hereditary disorders
  • Young person who has opt for late marriage
  • Having history of unprotected sexual practices