It is rightly quoted,by Morihei Ueshiba " A good stance and posture, reflect a proper state of mind." Whilst many of us spend a major portion of the day sitting - in front of the laptop, for TV, studies and for varied other reasons, are we sitting rightly, is the important question! A bad posture strains our postural muscles, resulting in back pain.

At a tender age of 20 something, Hanisha, suffers from back ache, reason for which can be attributed to prolonged hours of sitting in wrong posture, for studies. Siddhita, a designer by profession , despite maintaining weight and exercise routines,realized much later when she too became a victim of back pain that if only she would have worked on her posture, she could have kept the pain away, that now engulfs her.

Here are some ways youcan fix your posture, keeping the back pain away and sitting rightly when youdo

  • Get The Right Chair -

Hanisha on discoveringthe reason for her back pain, was advised to invest in a well to do chair, toensure she gets the right support for her lower back. One that supports thespinal curvature and allies the bones and joints rightly to ascertain accurateusage of the muscles. This eliminates any stress caused to the ligaments thatgrip the joints of spinal column in place. A well- supporting chair alsolessens the irregular exhausting of joint exteriors that can end result inarthritis. All in all a good chair thatsupports the back, also eases muscle tension and relaxes the shoulders all whatyou need to keep the right posture intact.

  • Sit Correctly -

Siddhita, ends up sitting long hours on her desk sketching designs. She now, makes sure, she sits straight up and rests her back on the chair with her behinds coming in contact with the lower support of the chair. She places her feet right on ground, adjusting the flexibility of the chair to her height. Keeps her hands close to her abdomen region - sides and on the arm rests to keep her shoulders at ease. In addition, when sitting,keep your feet flat on the floor, knees right angled and at a position above the hips. Keep a pillow to support your back if back pain gives time and again trouble. Also, the pillow will help in keeping your back aligned. Balance your weight uniformly on both hips, not adding an added weight burden on any one hip. Lastly, for every 30 minutes you sit, stand thereafter for some time. Flex your muscles, just as much as you rest them while being seated.