Affordable Dental Implant

Dental implants are fixed, long-lasting & natural-looking solutions for missing teeth. Many people want to know how to find the cheapest  & affordable dental implant. We will help to find out the best solution & varieties of options available to go to a dental implant procedure. So if you or your loved one needs to replace the missing teeth with dental implants and worry about its high cost then we hope you can find some solution which makes you feel inexpensive and pocket-friendly.

What are Dental Implants?

Most of the dental implants are made of titanium, which allows them to integrate with the jaw bone, it offers the benefit of being lightweight & strong & not rejected by the body ( biocompatible ). The process of fusion between the dental implant and jawbone is called "osseointegration." It consists of a metal screw that is anchored into the jaw bone, where it serves as a root of missing tooth /post for a custom-made tooth crown. A Dental Implant is a procedure that replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and perform very similar to real ones. It is an alternative solution to dentures or crown & bridge for replacing the missing tooth.

Implant placement procedure:

1. Dentist Consultation: Your Dentist will first examine your oral condition with x rays, Opg or Cbct & will take your medical history to confirm you are the right candidate for a dental implant.

2. After the Discussion of costing & dates & medical reports check up your implant procedure surgery will be planned. 

3. Extraction of any grossly or damaged teeth if required.

4. Sinus lift surgery & bone grafting (if required)

5. Implant placement & suture given which is left for 10 days for good healing, internal healing takes 3-4 months

6. Sometimes we place the abutment at the same time or else after 3-4 month of implant surgery, & place a temporary crown (if required)

7. After 3 months Dental impressions for the creation of tooth crown followed by placement crown.

The complete process depends upon the condition & location, type & number of  Implant placement done.

Are Dental implants covered under Mediclaim & Health Insurance?

Unfortunately, Complete Mediclaim coverage is not available for any dental treatments. But in some medical & health insurance policies dental treatment is covered depending upon the policy you opt for. You can also check your company's policies because sometimes many companies also consider this in health insurance. So for exact information, you have to consult with your policies manager and your company's manager to get details of your health insurance policies. In that case, if u can't afford that much also then your dentist will suggest an alternative treatment plan such as a crown, bridge or denture.

Finding Affordable Dental Implant Near Me:

When we are searching for affordable dental implants. Visit your dentist nearby in order to understand the process and treatment cost. Now to find out the best price of a dental implant, search some good feedback, success stories, discuss with your friends & family members about their dental experience. Any dentist can’t give you the exact details of cost estimation without examining your health. So, when you are comparing the prices, be sure to check the high-quality services at a reasonable cost don't compromise with cheap quality dental implant always go for standard one and quality dental services. Go to standard clinics and check some offers available for dental services & dental implants if its available avail that offer. Discuss all your queries about implant with your dentist. Only when you are satisfied & feel that your treatment plan is in your budget & no hidden charges are there, then you can plan your surgery for dental implants.