BURNOUT = Emotionally drained + Mentally exhausted + Physically tired

Most of us know how this feels. At some point in our lives, we’ve been there. If you’re currently experiencing this, you might be wondering what can be done.  

Usually, taking a break helps. But if you find yourself dreading coming back to work to the point that even the slightest thought of it is enough to stress you out, we certainly have a problem here.  

This pandemic has caused several of my clients to experience burnout - not feeling safe going to work, colleagues not wearing masks, poor corporate handling, etc.  Before we find a cure for burnout, it’s important to acknowledge that this is merely a symptom. If we want to get answers, we must be ready to ask questions.  

Why do you hate your job? Perhaps, hate is a strong word. Let’s take it mildly and ask, why do you feel this way towards your job? You’ll be needing answers to these:  

- What is the nature of your work? 

- Are you taking too much or unnecessary tasks outside your role description? 

- What is your company like? 

- How are your boss and colleagues? 

- How is your schedule/working hours?

- Do you have the proper skillsets for this job?

- Is your job negatively affecting your personal life and vice versa? 

- Are you physically fit/capable to do this job? 

- Do you have the right motivations in taking this job? 

- How are you doing financially because of this job?  

I know, it’s a lot. You don’t have to answer all of it. Sometimes 2-3 questions would already give you a hint as to why. Another simpler way is to list down the pros and cons. Remember that it’s crucial to know why you are experiencing burnout because with understanding comes overcoming and healing.  

Once you identify the reasons, what’s next? Where do we go from here?  

If the reason is internal (within your company), discussing this with your employer/boss could be a critical step. Some solutions that I personally saw worked among my colleagues when I was still in corporate were tasks evaluation, schedule adjustment, transfer of department or team and even demotion.  

Evaluate your goals. Unhappiness is another word for lack of satisfaction or fulfillment in what we do. Identify what is it you really want to do in the long run? Others turned to simple living and doing jobs that are not perceived as high status. Oftentimes, the heart, mind and soul are sick of hustling and just want to go back to their nature.  

Change your job. Quit. Leave. Get out of there. As simple as this. What makes this complicated is your readiness and willingness to face the transition period. You have to analyze your timing, financial status and risk tolerance. Some are okay with not having anything lined up before quitting while others see this as a necessary preparation.  

At the end of it all, do not forget that your job does not and should not define you. You are not your job or your job title. Your job doesn’t make up your whole being. The hard truth is, to your company, you are replaceable. But to this world, you are one and incomparable. Choose the world.