With the number of novel Coronavirus cases rising daily in the country and with the scare of stepping out to get an RT-PCR COVID-19 test done, self-testing kits for COVID-19 are gaining popularity and a lot of individuals are opting for the same.

Rapid antigen testing or self-testing COVID-19 kits are easy and economical to use. In today’s video, Dr. Rajesh Bhardawaj, a senior ENT doctor, answers common questions about COVID-19 home testing kits in Hindi:

1) How to use a COVID-19 home testing kit?

2) When to perform a home test for COVID-19 using self-testing kits?

3) How to evaluate home test kit results for COVID-19?

4) Are COVID-19 self-testing kits reliable? Should you also get an RT-PCR test done after doing home testing?

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