Appetizers are finger foods usually served prior to meal, or in between mealtimes, and are also called starters. They may range from the very simple to the very complex, depending on the occasion and the time devoted in making them.

How appetizers help in weight loss?

Appetizers can be a powerful to prevent overeating when you're trying to lose weight. Having something in your stomach before you sit down to a large meal can take the edge off your appetite, leaving you in control when a full meal is put in front of you. This is especially important when you are dining out.

One of the reasons appetizers help you to lose weight is that they put the brakes on your eating. It takes the brain several minutes to get the message that your stomach is fulfilled, so going slow is an easy way to shed extra pounds. Adding appetizers to your dinner means that it will take you longer to eat, and that gives your brain more time to process the message that you're full.

There is a major role between the calories, appetizers and weight loss. It is very essential to understand that how the incorrect choice of appetizer dish might lead to weight again and vice a versa.

There is a good way to lose weight but only if you make right choices in your eating pattern in terms of appetizers as well as major meals. Traditionally, it is always believed that as an appetizer one go for salads and soups. That’s very true, but along with them one should be cautious with the dressing on the salad as well as dips on soups.

Always choose vegetable based soups (without cream), vegetable based salads (without cheese) with a low fat dressing or a fruit salad. They are the best appetizer for filling up on healthy and satisfying foods for your first course. These foods may contain only 100 to 150 calories and will give you an opportunity to have a serving of a fruits or vegetables.

Avoid high fat appetizers such as cream based salads; cheese and crackers or nachos which may actually increase your appetite and lead to overeating later in the meal. These kinds of foods also contain more calories and salt than lower fat alternatives. And since salt is a flavor enhancer, salty foods tend to make you want to eat more of them. Some high fat appetizers may contain as much fat as you should consume in a whole day!

Things to Remember -

If you are trying to limit your calories when eating out, you should try to find dishes that center around vegetables. Look at the menu for salads or grilled vegetables to start.

When planning dinner or supper at home, why not have a salad or soup ready to eat when you arrive home and before preparing the meal? Even if it's a half an hour or an hour before dinner will be ready, this strategy may help you to avoid nibbling on the food you are preparing or prevent you from munching on pretzels or chips. And this kind of casual first course will help to reduce your appetite for the main course.

List of appetizers ideas which can be healthy and filling -

Salads (without creamy dressing)

Soups without cream

Baked vegetables (can opt for baked potatoes)

Grilled paneer, veggies

Corn tomato salad

Fruit salad

By starting your meal with an appetizer, you won't fill yourself up on the main course. It will also take you longer to eat, giving you extra time to realize you're full. You will eat fewer calories overall, but you will also get to enjoy your meal, and that's an appetizing way to lose weight, no matter how you slice it.