72 year old patient admitted in Our Hospital with complaint of sudden onset weakness in both lower limbs . On Investigation he was found to have big 12 cm Aortic Aneurysm (Dilatation of Main Artery supplying to whole body) .It was compressing the Nerves & eroding the Vertebra (Backbone) & Showing signs of impending rupture . If Aneurysm would have got ruptured then it was near to impossible to save the patient.Aneurysm was also showing extension to Right Leg Arteries . Previously Open Surgery was only option available that carries high Mortality & Morbidity . Now a days With advancement of Endovascular Interventions this can be managed without surgery. We Sealed the big aneurysm by artificial tube like structure known as Stent grafts that Created Artificial Aortic passage with minimum Surgery . Patient discharged on day 3 post procedure with excellent results with good improvement in lower limb Weakness .