Hi very good morning.Its happy womens day .As we all know everyone wants to stay looking young and glowing forever.so few tips which pave the road for preventing ageing.due to

1]keep learning new things,like driving,swimming which involves mental training too.its like exercising the neurons of the brain.As body needs exercise even brain too.

2]Regular physical exercise,could be walking,running,swimming,gym training.they keep the body fit,improves the metabolism,stimulates the healthy hormones which fight free radicals causing ageing process.

3]Healthy eating:Eating has a lot of effect on the skin and our system too.certain foods have antIageing properties,like fresh fruits ,vegetables esp co loured like red and yellow capsicum,cherries,berries.

4]positive thoughts:hum,an mind has connection with our hormonal system.if our thoughts are positive hormones which are antiageing are released.so train yourself in emotional quotient.EQ.Seek counselling in situations of stress.

5]yoga and meditation.