Anal Fissure usually presents as a small tear in the anal region. This may happen because of injury by passing hard stool or by repeated bowel motion. How ever in some cases irregular bowel habits and dryness of the skin may also lead to abrasions in anal skin. 

Anal fissure are notorious as they are associated with excruciating pain while passing stool. Pain may persist for few minutes to few hours and then gradually subsides, only to recur again at the time of defecation. At times some bleeding may also be noticed. Because of pain the anal muscle sphincter goes in to spasm and this further leads to narrowing of anal orifice. As the passage gets narrowed; there are chances of increased frictional injury by the passing stool which may further enhance the pain.  The magnitude of pain at times; is so much and so increased that the patient is reluctant to pass stool and also avoid eating. 

In such condition, if the patient visits doctor; the patient is diagnosed as a case of acute anal fissure and the doctor usually advise immediate surgery. As the patient is in distress they usually follow the advise and get operated. However it has been noticed that this condition may recur again. 

In Ayurveda; this painful conditions (Acute Anal Fissure) can be conveniently and effectively treated by Kshar Karma without any Surgery. In this procedure; some medicines are applied in rectum which leads to healing of the underlying wound (Fissure). At Sushruta Anorectal Institute; New Delhi, the Kshar Karma sittings are repeated at weekly interval and in between; the patient can apply the medicine at home. Usually the acute anal fissure heals in 3-5 visits. No hospitalization or bed rest required in this treatment and patient can continue his routine activities as usual. The facility of Graded Kshar Karma is available only at Sushruta Anorectal Institute; New Delhi. 

If the condition persists for long duration; a small skin fold comes out from the edge of Fissure which is termed as Sentinal Tag. This Sentinal Tag can be removed by ligating  Kshar Sutra at its root which is again an OPD procedure. 

Dos and donts for a Fissure patients

Patient suffering from Anal Fissure should avoid:

  • Spicy food
  • Fast food
  • Maida (refined wheat flour) products 

Patient suffering from Anal Fissure should prefer:

  • High fluid intake
  • Fiber rich food articles like leafy vegetables, fruits and salads
  • Do sitz bath in warm water in morning and evening 
  • Apply Sushruta Ointment  p/r in morning and evening
  • Insert 5 ml of Sushruta oil p/r before going to bed