Ambylopia or Lazy eye means reduced vision in one or either eye. 

Early childhood vision deprivation can lead to amblyopia if not treated early. 

Reversal of amblyopia possible if treated early. It is proved in studies that, amblyopia can not be treated after age of 13-14 years by any means. 


*  Refractive error – high hyperopia/myopia/ or astigmatism in one or either eye    

* Squint/strabismus    

* Cataract in developing age       

* Ptosis/drooping of the eyelid 


Reversal of amblyopia or Lazy eye is possible, if diagnosed early and treated early.

So Our Doctors always advise having First eye check-up at the age of 1.

For that we need to find out the cause of amblyopia and the treat that first. 

* Refractive Error

Treat with prescription of proper glasses first

* Cataract

Treatment by removal of the cataract and put the intraocular lens and after that proper prescription of glasses

* Ptosis covering pupillary margin

Surgery for ptosis is advised first 

* Squint or strabismus 

In this case, amblyopiais traeted first, then surgery for squint is required.

How is amblyopia treated?

Patching therapy or occlusion therapy (Patching of the normal eye) is the gold standard treatment of choice. 

Patching Of Normal Eye">
Patching Of Normal Eye

In this, as we patch a normal eye, we force a weak or amblyopic eye to see.  We do prefer part-time occlusion than full-day occlusion of the normal eye.

Hours of patching depends on the severity of amblyopia.

Frequent follow up every six months is important to check the improvement of visual acuity and glass prescription. 

Once vision improves in the amblyopic eye, patching therapy is not stopped abruptly. We slowly taper it by reducing hours of patching then stop.

Along with patching we can try vision therapy with synaptosome exercises.