Hi, I will be born just after few hours & My mother is in labor room along with other woman going through same beautiful natural process that leads to Better Bonding Between Mother & Baby 

I am in sterilized environment and there are No 'Germs' or 'Viruses' around me yet but I am sure it will not be long before I too get affected by the External Environment.

I can Interpret some sentences uttered by other mothers among themselves.

My mother is bearing it all,silently.

Most of the Mothers want Only Sons !

For people reading this I am Neutral person of either sex who want Equal Opportunities in Life.

Mothers are discussing Marriage of their Sons?? who are not yet born.
No mother is Talking about Education of their Sons, about sending their 'Sons' to good Universities.

Agree ,it is a time pass exercise to reduce the Burden of Natural Labor but it is deep rooted in Psyche of people.

One woman is expecting Twins

She was advised operative Delivery at another hospital

Here the doctors are good and they are helping her to Deliver Normally as her 2 babies are about 1.5 kg only and doctors are confidant about their labor room which has an ultrasound machine, good Nursery with Best baby doctors & Nurses to look after babies

Yes the doctors have succeeded and this mother did not have to undergo The Operation to Deliver Twins.

I will be a part of this world very soon.

Will I become a good human ?


Will I crib ,every time some one has better stuff than me ?


I will be patient like the doctors here who wait for hours/days to ensure a normal delivery and save the trauma of an operation because my First Exposure in Life will be The Doctors who Believe in Working Like a Team,followed by my mother who will be handed over the baby immediately after cleaning up process

Last exposure will be Hoards of Relatives and Friends of my parents.

I am not here in the Race to Win a Prize as a Normal Life Gifted by God is the Best Prize I have got ,besides caring parents and my doctors who kept boosting Morale of my Mother ,waited for hours to Ensure a Normal delivery with Minimum Trauma to My Mother.