Modiji in Man ki Baat requested juniors to help seniors to become Netsavvy. The Seniors I interact with at Seniors Forum drive their own cars at 80+, have a smartphone, teach juniors Maths & Physics(OMG) ,organize outings and picnics, do Yoga and Meditation, read a lot and Interact with Like Minded people only with positive vibes all around.

With children educated well and absorbed in jobs , I feel that grandchildren are best at Educating seniors. Besides a common factor being a laptop and a smartphone, a strong bond is built with gen next.

Like all types of Dementia, Alzheimer's is caused by brain cell death which is progressive that happens over a course of time.The brain tissue has fewer nerve cells which keep reducing if reminded again and again about disease.

No daily reminders to the person 'suffering' from Dementia.

Encourage the person about it being a part of Ageing process.

Stay away from people who deliberately make fun of mental state of the sufferer.

Do we ever make fun of a heart patient ? ( some people do make fun but it shows the Ulterior motives)

Some medicines prescribed routinely lead to memory loss.

We are not Robots who can google symptoms and go on taking medicines.

Some of the medicines bought over the counter as suggested by the friendly chemist who believes only the sales are-

PPI group of medicines given for poor digestion which too is part of Ageing. eg Ranitidine, Pantaprazole group etc. Take help from kitchen-heeng, jeera, ajwain, ginger, garlic, haldi and eat according to Constitution.Keep these medicines for Emergencies Only. 

Cholesterol Lowering medicines can be avoided by making Alterations in diet and eating healthy food without getting conscious about high levels of Cholesterol. 

High Cholesterol can be genetic too and No medicine will work on it. Why spoil the Mental health while taking care of cardiac health??

Some people are given 2-3 types of medicines to reduce high BP.

Take a chance to reduce the numbers of medicines for high BP- May be only One and Safer Beta Blocker will work to reduce high BP and Protect the Heart from Heart Attack and Brain From an Attack of Stroke.

Do not take too many vitamins also. Rely on Nature and eat fresh.

Alzheimer's disease can become a Syndrome-a collection of symptoms for the Caretakers.

Think again about keeping brain fresh and agile because we are here to give as much as we can and receive as little as possible specially from our loved ones who have to Either Care or Hire Caretakers or put seniors in special homes at a cost which can be saved.

Get hold of a basic smartphone/ laptop and build a bond with juniors to get lessons in basics and do share with them a few tips learned while teaching self with the help of books.

Accept that Alzheimer's Disease is Not Idiopathic ( cause not known) but Iatrogenic Disease caused by taking too many medicines.