Placenta is the organ that grows inside the uterus of a woman during her pregnancy. It provides oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby & removes waste from the body of the baby. After giving birth, if placenta is donated to pharmaceutical industries, it can be put to different uses for making medicines & cosmetics. It is highly rich in water soluble enzymes.

How it helps?

1) It helps to maintain physiological functions and to maintain hormonal balance.

2) It helps to regenerate skin tissue faster, reducing wrinkles & giving a youthful brighter complexion.

3) Reduces pigmentation due to exposure to the sun.

4) It improves metabolism & blood Circulation.

5) It improves recovery from chronic fatigue.

6) It enhances immunity to fight diseases.

7) It is used for making, a) anti-ageing b) whitening c) anti wrinkle creams.

It is a source of stem cells

Basically a tissue of placenta contains -

1) Proteins

2) Carbohydrates

3) Vitamins

4) Minerals

5) Enzymes

6) Lipids & Fatty Acids

Medical uses of placenta

  • Intramuscular daily injections of substances made with Placenta have been given during past 5 decades & Injections were not Just PLACEBOS
  • Seniors suffering from these chronic diseases showed improvements like arthritis and asthma
  • To ward off after effects of steroids
  • As healing adjutants for burns therapy

Its role in Cosmetic Industry is New

The Concept is using placenta in making cosmetics is Western. Though injections of Placenta Tissue have been made by Indian companies for past 5 decades, they're quiet expensive at the moment. The advantage is that since injections are water soluble, pain is minimal compared to other injections which are fat soluble and take more