The buzz topic going to be after election is public exam results. Even now, people started feeling the pressure of choosing a right course in order to achieve their dream career.With thousands of options and lot of information available, both parents and students are much confused to take aright call.

Career is one such thing that determines many factors in life. It has a unique meaning based on individual’s aspiration. It differs from earning money, pursuing their dream course, following their passion, en cashing on their talent, developing their interest to exploring new avenues. Some would be interested in discovering new careers and living their life.  

The idea of career for current generation is much differs from their parents. These generation children has got to explore and experience new opportunities which doesn’t exist in those days. With the advancement of technology and automation the job which exists in 90’s and 2k’s doesn’t exist anymore. 

The research says, new age careers are careers that don’t exist 20 years ago. Few such careers are Adventure Tourism,Blogging, Content Writing, E. Learnings, Jockeys, Animations and so on. If such is the scenario, how parents and well wishers are going to guide their children in choosing the right career decisions.

With the help of professionals and industry experts, the “career choice is made easy”. It is advisable for parents to listen to their children in understanding their career aspirations and help them in figuring out their right course which will help them in making their dream career. Also, help them in taking informed career decision than going with the ideologies of someone’s career choice.Assist children to choose the right course based on their Skills, Interest and Abilities (SIA).  

Given them an opportunity to explore and experience new avenues with proper guidance and support. Let’s schoolchildren to make their career decisions based on their SIA and tied up with accountability and responsibility for their outcomes.In the next article, let’s see how children can make their dream career to happen ,  live up to their words and come out with flying colors.