over 400 millions people in Inida are suffering with allergic diseases that too recorded on paper of big hospitals which are having medical record sections with ICD coding ,otherwise lots of people are on OPd basis,or small nursing homes are nor reported to National registry.;Around 80% of allergic rhinitis patients develop below 20 yrs.Up to 75% of people with allergic rhinitis have trouble sleeping at night which leads to daytime sllepiness and tiredness.Each year around 3.5 million working  days are lost due to allergic rhinitis.On any given day ,about ten thousand children are absent from school because of allergic rhinitis.Allergic rhinitis increases he cost of medications by many fold if allergy test and immunotherapy is not given.Long term complications and quality of life poor within patients not caring for indoor and outdoor allergens and their next generation ,severity of allergy is more.

Allergy testing and immunotherapy is used world wide since more than 100 yrs.Skin epidermal modified testing with expert allergy specialist can select focused allergen testing and complte desensitisation 9immunotherapy or allergy vaccines)