Maintaining vaginal health looks so complicated from the endless diagnosis and treatment found online. Here we will discuss simple care without investing your time and money. Sometimes all the home remedy you know or you have done may increase your problems. Do the basic and if it doesn't help seek an expert help before you make the situation bad.

Looks! does it matter? well, being confident apply here too and be comfortable with yourself and admire her beauty. Love yourself and your body will love you back. 

Smell? Vagina has its own natural smell and if you think the smell is getting stronger it must be an infection or simple irritation by fabrics , friction, products etc. Avoid fragrance soap or intimate wash, instead just wash it with clean water after every bathroom visit and use unscented soap during bath. Make sure to dry it off properly after every wash as bacterial growth is very easy with its warm moist nature.

DischargeThis is a normal phenomena until it become flooded and you need to keep changing your inner wear or pantyliner. When it comes with smell, unusual colour and texture and sometimes with pain, your body is trying to say something, listen and try to understand how it works . It might be from simple irritation to infection or other underlying cause.

Itching? Again this may be due to the same cause mention before or just a simple irritation after shaving, waxing or after a rough activity or sexual intercourse causing more friction.

Look out for infection as it may cause changes in smell, discharge, itching and even pain in your pelvic areas.It is one of the most common problem face from old to young. If you have tried all the home remedy you googled and its not helping, IT IS TIME TO CONSULT AN EXPERT!!!

Remember to follow this simple tips for a better vaginal health: 

  • Let it breath - Wear cotton panty, keep it dry and clean. Avoid those tight undies and pants if possible.
  • Let it self clean and help her along with it, don't go extreme!! - Do not use harsh product, douching, etc.  She has its own ability to clean herself. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything. Wash it with normal water and use unscented soap during bath. Intimate wash are not always necessary. 
  • Support her - Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and veggies , have natural probiotics like curds, kefir to balance the good bacteria and defence against infection.Coconut water is good for hydrating and flushing out bacteria.
  • Practice good hygiene and safe sex - Using protection will not only protect you from STD, unwanted pregnancy. You will also have lesser post-sex discharge, itching (sometimes with unpleasant smell) as it might disturb your normal vaginal flora 
  • Lastly for the looks - Massage the surrounding area including your pelvic with Coconut oil to increase blood circulation and look healthy. It will also improve your overall reproductive health.