This is a new and novel method of treatment, which has provided answers to many difficult problems like Chronic Musculature Pain and Joint Degeneration. Recent advances in the understanding of the process of healing have made it possible. 

What we have newly understood is, that Platelets are the storehouse of “Growth Factors". And these growth factors are responsible for natural healing and Regeneration of Tissues. This new found knowledge is put touche in this new and natural therapy. A small amount (up to 100 c.c.) of blood withdrawn from a vein of the patient. 

This blood is processed in such a way that Platelets become concentrated 5-6 times. Hence the healing potential of patients owns blood is increased by 5-6 times. 

”The beauty of all great things lies in their simplicity.” Now we inject this concentrated platelet plasma back into the troublesome part, causing accelerated healing. Osteoarthritis of joints responds very well to this mode of Therapy. Sportsperson at the top professional levels has been treated for their severe pain using PRP Therapy. 

Many patients suffering from severe joint pain have been relieved by this Therapy.