Dental implant andprocedure
Dental implants are designed to replicate the form and function of the naturaltooth. A titanium dental implant secured into the jaw, acts as thetooth’s root, and the crown fixed on it serves as the tooth itself.  

First step cuts open the gum under local anaesthesia to expose the jawbone andthen drills a small hole in the bone to place the implant. Over the next threemonths, the area heals and the implant fuses with the jawbone. Patients mayundergo a second procedure in which a post, called an abutment, is attached orscrewed down into the implant. This can be done at the same time the implant isput in or after the area has healed. In the final step,  Dr.Arorawill attach a realistic-looking artificial tooth to the implant or to the post.The entire process takes about four months.

 Benefits of dental implants
1. More healthy  and beautiful: Whenteeth are missing, the surrounding bone begins to shrink. This unhealthy boneloss can make your jawline recede. Dental implants can help preventdeterioration of the jawbone caused by loss of teeth, so your face retains itsnatural shape. 

2. As an alternative to bridgework:Dental implants eliminate the need to grinddown healthy teeth when replacing one or more adjacent teeth. 

3. More comfortable: Because dental implants are securely anchored, there is noslipping or movement as there is with dentures. This eliminates some ofthe key worries of dentures, including poor fit, gum irritation, and pain .

4. More confident: With dental implants, you will never need to cover yourmouth when laughing, smiling, or speaking. You can eat your favorite foodswithout pain or fear of embarrassment . and taste every bite. You will lookbetter, feel better, and live more confidently.  


  Typesof Dental implants at  " Arora's Dental Clinic "



 Conventionalimplants are applicable to almost anyone who is looking to replace one,multiple, all missing teeth with a permanent restoration solution. Theseimplants are done in 2 stages normally in 2 trips about 3 to 6 monthsapart. Conventional implants may be done for most types of boneconditions. If there is moderate or severe jaw bone loss, bone grafting may berecommended prior to dental implantation.

Immediate Implants:

 Immediateimplants are also known as one day or same day implants. This is the casewhereby dental implants are placed during the same time after teeth areextracted. Crowns, bridge, dentures may or may not be placed on during sametrip depending on whether immediate loaded implants may be done. Immediateimplants are normally recommended only for cases with good jaw bone conditions.

Immediate LoadedImplants: 

 Immediateloaded implants are whereby permanent or temporary crowns,bridges or denturesare placed during the same trip when the dental implant posts is embedded injaws. These implants may follow after conventional implants or immediateimplants. Immediate loaded implants are normally recommended only forcases with good jawbone conditions.


Thetype of dental implants selected will be dependent on the patients' specificneeds and general dental condition. A panoramic x-ray and/or CT scan is usuallyrequired to evaluate the amount of bone, determine the space available and fora thorough examination to diagnosing the options best suited for each case.



Dental implants -Restoration Types

Missing Single Tooth:
The single tooth implant restoration consists of three parts. Namely, theimplant post which replaces the tooth root, the abutment which will support thecrown and the prosthetic crown itself. The crown is either cemented onto theabutment or held in place with a screw. A single tooth implant with crown isone of the best permanent restorations.And more importantly, it does notrequire cutting your adjacent healthy teeth for bridging.

Missing MultipleTeeth:
Ifmultiple teeth are missing in different parts of the mouth, several singletooth implants are good replacement restorations.
If multiple teeth are missing within the same region, several missing teeth cansometimes be replaced with fewer implants because dental implants are strongerthan the natural tooth roots. This solution includes having implant fixedbridges done.

Missing All Teeth:
We strongly believe that all our patients deserve fixed teeth so we do not giveany option of removable dentures supported on implants When all teeth aremissing or in a condition that all teeth need to be replaced, there is a need forfull arch implant reconstructions

All-on-4technology: In patients with noteeth , minimum 4 implants are placed  and on top of it complete set ofteeth are fixed.