Following celebrity diet has become a trend these days, it has created a thought among the dieters that if they will follow such diets they will look like them. People do follow celebrity diets without thinking about the consequences that they are playing with their health. Some people follow it even though they are aware of their side effects just to lose weight quickly. dieters just want to get in shape at any cost in minimum period of time.



This diet comes under many guises but is meant to release the body of poisonous toxins. While on the plan, the dieter only consumes 6 to 10 drinks a day, which consist of lemon, tree syrup, cayenne pepper, salt, herbal tea and water.

Red Alert: Dieters don't eat food for a week to 10 days. It is the fastest way to make yourself sick. People feel absolutely awful & it is dangerous to starve your body like this. Beyond anything else, your metabolism completely slows down.

Possible side effects: Low concentration, failing digestive system, cravings, fat gain.


This diet involves eating 14 servings of baby food a day followed by a healthy adult dinner.

Red alertBabies have a strict introduction schedule for food so their digestive systems get used to food at different ages. Baby food is for babies because they don't need to eat as much as adults, so deficiencies could arise, especially in iron, zinc and calcium. Babies also drink milk, which is not included in this diet.

Possible side effects: Fatigue, iron deficiency.


This diet includes brown rice and water, the modern-day version of this diet includes fruit, veggies, whole grains and soy products. The key of this diet is high fiber and low fat and it limits or avoids animal foods. It contributes to 60% of whole grains (barley, rye & brown rice).Plenty of veggies in raw or in cooked form is allowed. Fish or sea foods is only allowed 2 times/week.

Red alert: It is quite restrictive diet low in calcium, iron, protein, magnesium and zinc and will produce low energy levels over time.

Possible side effects: Iron deficiency, anaemia and osteoporosis


This diet includes eating of 75 percent uncooked food because it's believed cooking destroys the enzymes that help with digestion. Foods include fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes, dried fruits, nuts, seaweed and mineral water.

Red alert: There is no need to eat raw food as it can cause constipation in long run. If you are eating enough nuts and legumes your iron intake would be reasonable, but you wouldn't get enough calcium. It's very difficult to eat a balanced diet on this one.

Possible side effects: Constipation, Nutrient deficiency, general fatigue over time, osteoporosis.


 This diet involves drinking a soup of cabbage, peppers, onions and celery for seven days. 

Red alert: This diet eliminates important foods and nutrients, especially calcium, iron, zinc and  vitamins B. People lose weight because they eat less calories, not because of the soup. It is very unsustainable and very dangerous in the long term.

Possible side effects: Feeling unwell, bloating, weight gain in the long-term.

The effects of such diets can range from fatigue or constipation through to more serious health risks like heart disease or osteoporosis. Long-term dieters may also notice dry skin and brittle nails and hair may even start falling out due to insufficient nutrients, and those who lose weight too quickly by such faulty diets may even can have a heart attack.

It is very essential to understand the requirements of nutrients as each body is different. In order to lose weight in healthy manner it is mandatory to go step by step systematically with the help of dietician without comprising with your health.