“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not only in the case of a man but this saying stands for the functioning of the whole world. William Ross Wallace said, “For the hand that rocks the cradle… is the hand that rules the world”. He said there are blessings on a woman’s hand for she crosses every hurdle, right from being a girl child to being a mother who raises grandchildren too.

In some ways, women are more prone to orthopedic problems than men. Neck Pain is found to be more prevalent in women than men. After delivery, women often develop back pain which refuses to go way. Women are also more prone to knee arthritis when they grow older.

That’s not to say health wise women are always worse off than men! For eg Women are less likely to develop heart problems than men.
Good news is that advanced technologies are now available globally to prevent and treat orthopedic problems of women. ORTHOCURE Clinic at South Point Mall in DLF-5 is one such clinic which is bringing these advanced technologies to India.

Take the case of Nalini (name changed), 37 years age, a working mother, marketer by profession. After her first delivery, she started having pain in her lower back with radiation down the leg. She had difficulty in roaming around in malls, going to work and was unable to stand for more than 15-20 minutes. She tried all options available starting from taking medicines, manual therapy, Ayurveda etc but nothing worked for her pulling her into a state of depression. Then, she visited ORTHOCURE Clinic, where testing on MedX Medical Machine revealed what the real problem was - her back muscles were very weak. X Ray or MRI cannot find these problems. Says Nalini “After this diagnosis, I underwent strength training treatment under medical supervision on these machines. The good part of the protocol is that it requires very few trips to the clinic and it does not require you to perform exercises at home, making it a very easy treatment to do. It is evidence based, non-surgical and does not involve intake of any medicines. I could feel the difference after a month. I have now joined back work and can easily walk for long hours.”

“MedX Medical Machines are considered to be the “gold standard” for treatment of chronic back and neck pain in USA. We are the only facility in India to offer this treatment”, says Dr Meenal Sharma of ORTHOCURE Clinic. “After pregnancy for nine months and taking care of infants thereafter, mostly in hunched position, takes a heavy toll on women’s backs. But with proper care, the back can be nursed back into normal shape. ORTHOCURE Clinic provides this specialized care. We focus on treating all orthopedic problems like those of spine, knee arthritis, shoulder, hand, foot etc all under one roof.”

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