Acupuncture is based on meridians which are energy path ways in the body. Energy which was understood some 3000 years back! Energy was first understood as the five elements which are present in nature. The five elements being wood, fire, earth, metal and water. There is energy in the universe, energy which makes the world go round. Similarly our body is also like the universe which has the five elements or the various energies representing them. Just like in the nature the seasons change bringing in different energies in less or more quantities. Our human body also has these energies which should be present in a certain amount for harmony in the body. Less energy, more energy, blocked energy, no energy and so on. If the patient has joint pains, heart disease, diabetes, skin problems or say problems of excretory system, mental disorders, or reproductive disorders, they all can be solved by balancing the energies in the body just like we balance the heat in the summer season with an air conditioner. The energy of the spring season makes the plants spring up new shoots and leaves. There is energy of monsoon season that floods the rivers and roads if present in excess. Just as it can make us fat and chubby when present in excess, this energy present in excess gives hernia, adenoids, fibroids etc. The autumn month’s energy is powerful enough to make the trees dry so that no sap can flow through the stems. Thus, drying leaves and shedding them. This makes the nature dull and brown just like the menopausal women crying out when the children move away after growing up , like the leaves falling and thus leaving the tree barren and experiencing an “empty nest syndrome.” Unfortunately even in childhood or in youth due to excess of this dryness energy people feel depressed. A child who should be running aimlessly or a young boy or a girl who should be full of desires feels shed down, run down, morose and depressed. Clearly, this disbalance of energy is like the nature wrath. It is a natural calamity. It is a disease. It is a disharmony. An acupuncturist can harmonise the body of such diseased individual and bring back happiness in his life. Nature is dark in the cold winters. The warm energy of the sun does not reach the earth. It makes people fearful just like the old people. Pain, fear, non-working organs, inactive conditions, blockages are some of the problems when this cold water element is in excess. By introducing warm energies and reducing the cold energy path ways in the body, the acupuncturist can harmonise such conditions

Depression is excess of dryness energy

Blood pressure is excess of hotness energy

Phobia is excess of coldness energy

Vertigo is excess of wind energy