Skintags are pedunculated papules or tumours. They are most commonly located on the eyelids, axillae, neck and groins. The exact cause of achrocordons is unknown. However a familial predisposition is noted in many patients. Obese individuals are more prone to develop achrocordons. Multiple colours and sizes of achrocordons are noted in individuals. Sometimes the skin tags get twisted which may result in acute pain to the patient. They may also get infected from the surrounding adnexal hair.

Histology: On histology a polypoid lesion is seen with a central collagenous core.

 Treatment: Removal is the treatment of choice. Radio frequency machines are generally used for removal. The patient is first given local anaesthesia and removal is then carried out. A small excoriation or mark is present post removal.

Postprocedure oral as well as topical antibiotics are prescribed. Dressing is done for a day or 2 in case of large sized achrocordons.