Menopause is not a disease. It is a normal pause to the rhythm of a body function. Hence, the effects of this pause are to be managed naturally.

Well, Ayurveda has acknowledged menopause as a natural transition. And it says that each woman has unique symptoms during this phase owing to the uniqueness in one's body and mental constitution. Hence a personalized unique approach is a must to ease the signs and symptoms of Menopause. With this precise understanding, Ayurveda ensures that menopause can be health promoting, spiritually-transforming and free of signs and symptoms at all the body- mind and spirit level.

As related to the concerns of Brain Fog/ Natural Decline in the Menopause, Ayurveda Attributes this to the physiological stage of Parihaani (Degeneration) to VATA. Beyond 50 Vata is naturally at its peak, leading to various Vata signs in the body like - anxiety, insomnia(lack of sleep), Diminishing memory, forgetfulness etc.

Ayurveda gives significance to Kala - time in its chikitsa approach in all the diseases. There is always a right time to address the disease. The imbalance of menopause sets in much early in a woman's life - that is in her mid 30s and 40s. Health problems at menopause represent imbalances in the body that were already growing in the body and are unmasked by the stress of shifting hormones. So to minimize the symptoms at Menopause and for an easy transition get in charge of your health much early in life.

The natural aggravation of Vata in the upcoming stage of Parihaani (Degeneration) should be addressed right on time. An extended approach of Diet, Lifestyle, Medicine and Panchakarma effectively balances Vata.

Ayurveda System of Medicine advocates the following CHECKLIST for all the WOMEN for a GRACEFUL MENOPAUSE

1. Am I eating the right food that suits my body constitution?

2. Is it the right lifestyle that I am following?

3. Is my mind and body in harmony, or is there a disconnect which needs to be addressed?

4. Am I able to balance my work and life well?

5. Is my reproductive health up to the optimum? Menarche at Right Age, Regular Periods, Uneventful Pregnancies, Uneventful Post Pregnancy Period, Genital Hygiene

6. What are the Methods of Contraception adopted during the Sexually Active Period- Oral Contraceptives, Intra Uterine Device?

7. Am I just beyond disease or am I actually possessing the good health with all my vital parameters- Weight, Sleep, Appetite, Motion etc. intact?

If any of the above list poses a risk for you, address them right on time and get in charge of your health for a beautiful transition to menopause. Hormone therapy is a tangled mess of risks, benefits, and side effects. Studies have been published about hormone therapies raising risk of aggressive Breast Cancers.

Do not subject yourselves to Hormone Replacement therapies immediately.