The CARER Program is one which serves all your needs post cancer treatment. Often, after the patient has gone through conventional treatment and has been discharged from hospital and medical care, there is a dearth of information the patient faces regarding post cancer care and recovery. This is where the CARER Program steps in. We recognize the problems a patient goes through during and after cancer treatment and also realize the importance of providing the most efficient care at this vulnerable time in your life. This led to creating a recovery program that gives you access to the renowned specialists, healing modalities, the right information, tools and resources that you would require to make your recovery a strong and healthy one, in the least intrusive and most accommodating manner.

The CARER Program is formulated using the medium of technology and human support by providing healing therapies that target body, mind and soul. The holistic approach includes nutrition and lifestyle coaching, yoga therapy, meditation and counselling amongst others. It is designed such that you have access to all the information and therapies at the comfort of your home through written content, audio clips, informative content videos, practice video tutorials and a step-by- step guide covered over 12 – weeks, created for those just out of treatment and others who have been in remission for a while. The program layout has an easy navigation guide for comfort of use. This enables you to have a seamless experience and the flexibility of usage at your convenience along with a trusted approach. CARER gets you back on your feet and takes you to that place of optimal health and wellbeing and living a quality life again.

Additionally, CARER has an equally strong on ground support team that provides counselling services to patients and caregivers along with CARER in-house support, in which we personally ensure that you or your family member understands and is able to use the entire program with absolute ease and comfort.

Registering for the CARER Program is all you need to do to get yourself or your loved one back to health, and we take care of the rest.

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