Although the primary symptom is quick ejaculation, there are certain secondary signs as well which could be:

1. Inability to delay ejaculation either during intercourse or even masturbation which may be due to physiological factors.

2. Usually ejaculating a minute or so after penetration and without climaxing.

3. Avoiding sexual intimacy brought on by the fear of non-performance due to quick ejaculation.

All men may have had this issue at some point which is caused by performance anxiety or inhibitions and is usually a psychological issue. In such cases, it is a one-time occurrence and will correct itself later. However, continued problems with this signal deeper health problems which need to be corrected.

Causes of premature ejaculation

1. Mental or psychological causes - Upbringing or religious and social beliefs which may cause guilt while doing masturbation may lead to a habit of reaching climaxing hurriedly and thus resulting in a habit of quick ejaculation. This also results in premature ejaculation when you are with a partner. Some of the other causes could also be anxiety in performance or relationship problems with your partner.

2. Erectile dysfunction - Men with erectile dysfunction cannot keep an erection for long and thus habituate themselves to ejaculating quickly which may also lead to this problem.

3. Health problems - Issues within your body like blood pressure or heart disease may disrupt the flow of the blood across the body and cause premature ejaculation. In such cases, it is important to resolve the underlying problems to treat the ejaculation problems.

4. Other physiological causes - There are other reasons with physiological problems which may lead to premature ejaculation such as:

a) Hormonal issues within the body

b) Reflex issues within the neural system of the body causing ejaculatory problems

c) Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism

d) Surgery of the prostate

e) Infection or inflammation of prostate or the urethra

Treatments for Premature ejaculation

Some of the treatments include:

a. Medicines are available for premature ejaculation.

b. Creams, gels and sprays that are available.

c. Condoms, which are known to delay ejaculation.

d. Mental therapy and counselling for relationship issues or psychological issues.