Winning a Dance Competition is a Lot Tougher than dispensing medicines to unsuspecting Public.

Indian Medical Association leadership is having a tough time mobilizing doctors from all over INDIA to hold a Protest at Jantar Mantar. & does not allow Anyone to be a part of team unless qualified and registered under the respective fields of specialization.

MBBS doctors are leading a Miserable life. Their Consultation fees have been Robbed by Sweet talking Chemists & Innumerable Quacks.

By the way , why are Quacks in Slums called Bengali Doctors ?

 A train full of Migrant workers comes to Delhi/ NCR to look for work & these millions of migrants do have some among them adept at trapping people for giving Cheap and Affordable healthcare through I/V drips ( without a reason !) at midnight given under Most unhygienic conditions at home of patient @ 24 hours ,including odd midnight hours to Buy Confidence of Junta as if It is a Huge favor to infuse I/V fluids at home, because None Of Us Would Dare Do it !

So the Shops keep multiplying and Flourishing !

We are aware of school drop outs posing to be English Speaking Nutrition Specialists fooling the English speaking equally Foolish Junta !

Our Government intends to include Quacks, Midwives minus training to carry out MTPs in Rural Areas .

Just Because We Do Not Have Enough Doctors to Serve Rural people, give these Quacks a Licence to Kill.

Let me share with everyone here about my Experience of working in a Slum ( one among 2000 rural villages right within Delhi ) & I gave up after serving for 8 years Minus a salary,spending on medicines & petrol for my car through my savings.

At 50 + I wanted to Say Thank You God for taking good Care of My Responsibilities.

But it was interpreted as Otherwise as if My Married Children had Made Me Homeless Despite Having a Home of My Own, because I was working on 'Precious' land of Mighty Landowners with innumerable Tenants who were Migrant workers and had their own Bengali Doctors ,not one but plenty to Choose from right within the Rural area of a ONE KM radius,housing One Million People who Are Just a km away from Apollo Hospital ,New Delhi.

Proposed Satyagraha ( Fight for Truth) is against inclusion of anybody posing to be the Doctor.

If things go the way as proposed by the Government, MBBS doctors will belong to Nowhere.

Rural Folks will Not Accept Them. 

Please All Chemists are a Hurdle for Urban Practice to any doctor charging just 100/-( one hundred with medicines) in a Charitable Clinic.