What is Night Fall?

Wet Dreams/Nocturnal Emissions/Night Fall  is spontaneous ejaculation of semen in sleep. It is normally associated with erection, though one may not remember about it when he gets up. It happens in the deepest part of your sleep and you may forget about the dream altogether, but you may find that you have wet your underpants with semen when you get up.

I experience it every night, is it normal?

It is a normal phenomenon, which need not be bothered about. Some people may have wet dreams some times in their entire lifetime, others may have it nearly everyday while growing up. As one grows older, they tend to have fewer night falls. It does not mean that you have done something wrong with your body or there is something wrong you have done.

If I stop masturbating, will it go away?

In-fact, the opposite is true. A common myth among people have is that night fall occurs because they masturbate. FYI, the opposite is true. Masturbation is the only known treatment for wet dreams. Older men have lesser wet dreams if they are getting enough sex.

Changing your eating habits / herbal medicines / homeopathic medicines / medicines available on the internet will not make it go away.

Do women suffer from it as well ?

Upto 40% of women also have wet dreams, it may be associated with only lubrication of the vagina or intense orgasm. And please stop thinking of it as a suffering.

I feel weak after Nightfall. Please advise treatment

The only treatment to prevent night fall is enough sexual fulfillment. Masturbation or sexual activity in day time will lead to decrease in this problem. If you stop thinking about "sleep-gasms" being a problem, you will stop getting weak after that !

If you still continue to have concerns, it would be prudent to go and see a Urologist who will help you understand what is and what is not normal.