Chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a distressing condition which is very frequently misdiagnosed and under diagnosed. CPPS/CP presents in myriad of ways. For some it presents with a nagging pain in one of the pelvic organs.  Others suffer miserably with severe pain, burning sensation in the genitalia, painful ejaculation in men etc.  So much so that some may actually lose interest in sex for the fear of pain during ejaculation.  The disease course is often prolonged and often patients describe their condition as “hopeless”.  They may miss work because of the symptoms.  CPPS/CP doesn’t affect just the patient physically, it may cripple the patient’s personal, professional, social as well as family life. 

Treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis of the condition and identifying what symptoms ail a particular patient since every patient may have different presentation. 

Once a diagnosis of CPPS/CP is reached, treatment usually is prolonged, often lifelong.  It involves cooperation and coordination amongst specialists including a urologist, psychiatrist, a psychologist and a physiotherapist, the patient and the patient’s friends/family.  It helps if the patient understands the nature of the disease and its expected course. Patient compliance with treatment is paramount. 

An accurate diagnosis, a holistic approach to treatment and an informed and motivated patient go a long way in killing this headache in the pelvis.