Even though we all know that is essential to consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle. Somedays it tends to feel a lot harder than others. Seeing as willpower is generally considered to be a finite source of motivation, here are simple 9 tips that will help you stay healthy day after day:

  1. LAUGH MORE: Laughter truly is the best medicine. Studies from the University of Maryland found that laughter helps to promote smooth blood flow and healthy blood vessels.
  2. GET A DOG: According to research, those who own a dog are twice as likely to engage in regular exercise.
  3. SWITCH TO WATER: Everyone loves a snack, but routinely filling yourself up with water instead not only helps you meet your daily needs,<of up to a gallon a day> but also helps you cut back on your constant cravings for foods.
  4. SNACK ON FRUIT: If you find that you must have a snack there is no better option than what nature provides, like grapes, bananas, apples, strawberries are perfect replacements for those tasty looking chips.
  5. BE ACTIVE: You don"t have to go for a 5km jog, but switching that cafe date to a coffee walk and talk allows you to get outside and burn calories while you catch up on the latest gossip.
  6. TAKE YOUR PARTNER DANCING: Boost your mood with happiness and is a form of exercise and staying healthy.
  7. EXERCISE WITH FRIENDS: You are more likely to stick to your exercise routines when you have other people holding you accountable.It"s harder to skip exercise if there is a friend waiting to workout with you.
  8. EAT CHOCOLATES: Dark chocolates has been shown to lower risk of heart disease, help stop blood clotting and prevent cancer.
  9. GET CARDIO IN BEDROOM: This is also one of the tips for staying healthy every day.