Recent data has indicated that breast cancer is the now the most common cancer among Indian women. One in 22 Indian women will be affected from this cancer during their lifetime. A healthy lifestyle can help in reducing one's risk of getting this disease. 

I am sharing 8 simple ways to prevent cancer and also help in early detection. 

  1. Regular exercise - at least 30 mins of exercise 4 times a week
  2. Avoid smoking
  3. Avoid alcohol consumption
  4. Over-weight and obese individuals have a higher incidence of breast cancer. Maintain your weight in the normal range
  5. Be breast aware - do regular self examinations
  6. Clinical breast examination by an experienced breast surgeon after the age of 35 years (annually)
  7. Regular mammograms after 40 years of age. Although they just take 10 mins, ladies often decide to skip them. The simplest way to remember this is to 'gift yourself a mammogram' on your birthday.
  8. If there is a family history of breast cancer, do consult your oncologist to discuss your risk of breast cancer.

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