The busy and hectic lives we lead,  often pushes us to overwork ourselves. This leads to various back troubles ranging from backache to slip disc! 

With the permission of your doctor and only when not in pain,  stretches and strengthening exercises are advised. 

Listing 8 simple stretches to prevent and aid treatment of backache:

Always start with deep and energising breathing. During the exercise focus on the breathing aspect. Deep inhale and deep exhale. 

Do these sets of exercises twice a day. Do each exercise at least 5 times to begin with. Progress to 10 after a few days. 

1. Lie down on a mat on your back extending the legs out. Keep the spine neutral. Pull one leg towards the chest with both the hands. Hold for ten seconds and release the leg down. Repeat with the other leg. 

2. Bend both the knees and place the feet hips width apart. Gently drop them to one side. Look over to the opposite side. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat with the opposite side. 

3. With knees bent, lift the pelvis up to the ceiling into a bridge pose. Hold with the butt squeezed in for ten seconds. Breathe deep and long.

4. Lie down on the abdomen. Lift the head using the support of the elbows and let the head rest on both your hands. Hold this for ten seconds. Breathe easy.

5. Go on all fours. Breathe in and tuck your chin to the chest and pull the pelvis in. Hold for 10 seconds Breathe out and lift the head and sink it on between the shoulders while pushing the pelvis open. Hold for 10 seconds.

6. Lift up and relax in child's pose. Breathe easy for 30 seconds. As shown in the picture .

7. Always relax and meditate. Stretch your mind and your breath! Be mindful about your body and its uses. Respect its needs to rest and be in the moment without being rushed. 

8. Aim towards: Healthy body and a happy mind and a fulfilling life!