1. Drink plenty of fluids:  Take water intake so that your urine output > 2 litres in 24 hrs.

2. Check your blood sugar and blood pressure regularly and controll them : Blood sugar level goal should be Fasting 80-120 mg/dL, post prandial < 180 mg/dL and HbA1c < 7 %.

Blood pressure goal should be 120/80 mmHg

3. Keep youself active and fit by doing excercise, brisk walking. both isotonic and isometric excercises are helpful. 

4. Monitor your weight and eat a healthy diet: reduce daily salt intake of < 2 gmd/day

5. Avoid over the counter drugs such as analgesics

6. Get your routine investigations once in a year : includes CBC, Urine routine, RFT, LFT, ECG.

7. Avoid smoking, addiction, binge alcohalism.

8. Seek help of Superspecialist (urologist or nephrologist) doctor if you have any known kidney problem.